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About the Philosophy

Water The Bamboo is a remarkable metaphor that can transform every aspect of your business or organization, helping you turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Giant timber bamboo will grow an astonishing 90 feet in less than 60 days – but only after 4-7 years does it establish strong and resilient roots.

Are you looking to reinvigorate your team? Become more efficient, innovative and competitive? Then prepare to go on a remarkable journey with your own master guide.

Developed by thought leader Greg Bell, one of today’s top keynote speakers, Water The Bamboo is a dynamic metaphor for individual and team success. In highly inspirational presentations and programs custom-designed for your organization, Water The Bamboo founder Greg Bell will teach you and your teams how to apply this easy-to-follow methodology and produce extraordinary results.

About Water The Bamboo Center For Leadership

Water The Bamboo Center For Leadership is a dynamic consultancy with an almost 15-year track record of helping leaders work with their teams to achieve extraordinary results. Our clients look to us to provide essential value in helping them create lasting change while not only maintaining their sanity, but bringing fun into the process too! We help our clients formulate and refine their core values, vision, goals, and strategic relationships with a healthy bottom line in mind.

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That kind of analogy [Water The Bamboo] to our players is that you have to keep driving, keep playing, and it will pay off in the long run. And that's what those guys understand."